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Armed Response 2017 1080p BluRay x264-BRMP
Release Name:Armed.Response.2017.1080p.BluRay.x264-BRMP
Size: 7.94 GB

Description:A team of highly trained operatives find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its AI is suddenly shut down. The crew begins to experience strange and horrific phenomena as they attempt to uncover what killed the previous team.
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Mr Murder 1998 Part 1 iNTERNAL DVDRip x264-REGRET
Release Name: Mr.Murder.1998.Part.1.iNTERNAL.DVDRip.x264-REGRET
Size: 992 MiB

Description: A group of scientists are trying to produce the perfect soldier by cloning. The day the clone is born, Marty Stillwater, a mystery novel writer, feels that something strange is going on inside his body and mind. Seven years later, Marty discovers that his double has his same physical appearance but has the personality of a murderer.
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Wolf Guy 1975 BDRip x264-RedBlade
Release Name: Wolf.Guy.1975.BDRip.x264-RedBlade
Size: 812 MB

Description: Shinichi "Sonny" Chiba is WOLFGUY, the only survivor of a clan of werewolves who relies on his feral, full-moon-activated superpowers to solve mysterious crimes. One night, a bizarre and bloody death in the Tokyo streets plunges him into a far-reaching conspiracy populated by crooked politicians, naked white women, bit-players like Hideo Murota, a phantom tiger, and - best of all - a shadowy organization.
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Game Of Death 1978 REMASTERED RERIP BDRip x264-RedBlade
Release Name: Game.Of.Death.1978.REMASTERED.RERIP.BDRip.x264-RedBlade
Size: 716 MB

Description: In this movie, Bruce Lee is a very famous martial-arts master who stars in many films. After an unsuccessful murder attempt against him, everyone thinks his is dead, but he's just hiding, preparing his revenge...
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A Storks Journey 2017 1080p BluRay x264-CONDITION
Release Name: A.Storks.Journey.2017.1080p.BluRay.x264-CONDITION
Size:4.36 GB

Description:Orphaned at birth and raised by storks, the teenage sparrow Richard believes he is one of them. But when the time comes to migrate to Africa, his stork family is forced to reveal his true identity and leave him behind in the forest, since he is not a migratory bird and would not survive the journey. Determined to prove he is a stork after all, Richard ventures south on his own. But only with the help of Olga, an eccentric owl with an imaginary friend and Kiki, a narcissistic, disco-singing parakeet, does he stand a chance to reach his goal and learn to accept who he really is.
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A Very Sordid Wedding 2017 BDRip x264-WiDE

Description: Tired of the religious zealotry and anti-gay bigotry in their Texas town, sisters Latrell, LaVonda, and Aunt Sissy decide to protest an "Anti-Equality Rally" which aims to forbid any same sex weddings in their county. The colorful characters from the previous "Sordid Lives" decide a wedding is exactly what this small-minded town needs.
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The Savage Innocents 1960 INTERNAL BDRip x264-RedBlade
Release Name: The.Savage.Innocents.1960.INTERNAL.BDRip.x264-RedBlade
Size: 745 MB

Description: An Eskimo who has had little contact with white men goes to a trading post where he accidentally kills a missionary and finds himself being pursued by the police.
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Open Water 3 Cage Dive 2017 BDRip x264-PSYCHD
Release Name:Open.Water.3.Cage.Dive.2017.BDRip.x264-PSYCHD
Size: 962 MB

Description:Three friends filming an audition tape for an extreme reality show, take part in shark cage diving, only to be left in great white infested waters, turning their recording into life and death.
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Northpole Open For Christmas 2015 720p BluRay x264-JustWatch
Release Name:Northpole.Open.For.Christmas.2015.720p.BluRay.x264-JustWatch
Size: 4.37 GB

Description:A successful businesswoman, Mackenzie, inherits her beloved aunt's inn, and chooses to restore the hotel to its original grandeur only to sell it right before Christmas. Unbeknownst to Mackenzie, she receives some unexpected help from a team of elves headed by the cheerful Clementine, who helps Mackenzie rediscover the true meaning of Christmas.
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Hacker 2016 BDRiP x264-GUACAMOLE
Release Name: Hacker.2016.BDRiP.x264-GUACAMOLE
Size: 549 MB

Description:When his family hits financial trouble, Alex Danyliuk turns to a life of crime and identity theft, with the help of Sye, a street-wise hustler who introduces him to the world of black market trading, Kira, a young female hacker, and contacts on the dark web. After finding success in causing financial market chaos, they gain the attention of Z, a mysterious masked figure, who's the head of an organization known as Anonymous, and a number one target by the FBI.